Monday, May 31, 2004

False Alarm!

Despite only getting about 3 hours sleep last night, it looks like Teeny was just winding us up! We phoned the hospital at about 4:30am, and they told Ruth to just go and have a warm bath, and then to phone back if the contractions got any faster. One warm bath later, and everything stopped! Ruth managed to get back to sleep after that, but I was way too hyped up to sleep after that amount of excitement! It's going to be a long day...

Contraction update...

Every 10 minutes now! It could be a May birthday...

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Towels at the ready?

We managed to finish one coat of paint in the kitchen yesterday, before completely flaking out. Kitchens have got to be the most awkward rooms ever to paint - we must have gone through about three rolls of masking tape! It's probably a good thing that we got some of the painting done, though, as there's a tremor of excitement running through our house at the moment. Well, a tremor of excitement running through Ruth's belly, actually! Ruth is experiencing 'mini' contractions every 15 minutes while I type. She's pretty sure that they're not the real thing, but we're still packing the bags just in case! Should make for an interesting Sunday evening...

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Good News / Bad News

The good news is that the builders came yesterday, and fitted our new staircase and finished decorating. The extension is nearly there! The bad news this week, though, is that Ruth is currently slightly anaemic, which means we can't have the home birth that we were hoping for. Well, at least not this week, until the next blood test hopefully shows that her iron levels have gone up enough. So, we're currently stuffing Ruth fill of iron tablets, chocolate, orange juice and even broccoli! The next blood test is due on Thursday, so the midwifes will decide then whether they're happy about a home birth. It's bank holiday weekend, and the builders are pretty much finished, so we've got a huge list of things that we want to get done around the house - painting the kitchen, putting up curtain rails, coat hooks and towel rails, cutting the grass, creosoting the new part of the fence... I thought it was supposed to be a holiday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

15 days and counting

June 10th is the due date for Hannah's baby brother or sister, and it's currently a race against time for the building work to finish on our extension before the baby arrives! On the inside, we've reached the final decorating stage, but we've still got to have a new staircase fitted (latest date for that is May 28th...) On the outside, we need to have a new driveway laid, and then a bit of tidying up in the back garden to re-landscape the building site! It's all almost there - we just have to keep Ruth's legs crossed for a little while longer!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

What's it all about?

You're looking at the weblog (or 'blog') for the Hurleys. It seemed like a good time to set up a website where you can get our latest news and photographs with just 2 and a bit weeks before the due date of our second baby. We'll try and keep this updated as often as we have something (relatively) interesting to write, but it would be great to hear back from you, too, so feel free to comment on this site as often as you want. P.S. For those who've come here by accident, we're nothing to do with Liz Hurley. As far as we know we're not even related to her!