Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dappy New Year!

Thomas decided that we just had time for one more visit to the hospital this year (as if they haven't taken enough money off us in car park charges already!), so stuck a Hama Bead up his right nostril at 7 o'clock on New Year's Eve!

He thought the whole thing was a great adventure: going out in the car in the dark, going into casualty and playing with the toys, all of the attention that he got. But, to be fair to him, he was very brave the whole time he was in with the doctor having the bead removed!

The doctors also shone a torch in his ears to check that there were no beads in there, and the light shone in one ear, and straight out the other!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No Christmas puddings in our house!

In a desperate attempt to burn off all of the turkey that we've eaten, Hannah was determined to go out jogging with Daddy. So, on go the 'matching' tracksuits, trainers and caps...

We went for a quick lap around the block, with regular walking stops to make sure that we didn't overdo things! The biggest problem was that there wasn't room in the oxygen tent for both of us when we got home!

Here's a photo of us warming up - although that wore us out before we even started!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Miss Santa

It's such a nice photo of Cousin Bethan looking Christmassy, that it had to go on the blog!

Why are pirates called pirates?

They just arrrrr!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to everyone who stumbles onto our blog! We've had a really fun day, with a delicious dinner at Uncle Mike and Auntie Jan's house, where we saw Bethan & James and Nanny & Grumpy, and a delicious tea at our house. where we saw Grandma & Grandad. As well as great food, we've also had loads of ace presents!

A big favourite is the book that thinks it's a playmat that thinks it's a fire engine. We've been on lots of fire rescues already this Christmas, although Mummy and Daddy have trouble fitting their bottoms into the fire engine!

A castle has also proven popular, with lots of exciting tales being made up - most of which involve a dragon kidnapping the Princess.

Father Christmas also brought a doll's house, which was ably put together by everyone...

And here we have a photo of two pirates taking a break from murder on the high seas in order to furnish the dolls house!

Thanks from all of us at the Hurley House for all of the cards and presents that we've been given - it was very, very kind of you!

P.S. Oh, and Mummy and Daddy had a shiny new camera (which took some of the photos above) - maybe it will encourage us to update the blog more often!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The star and the wiseman

Here are the costumes that Hannah and Thomas' wore when singing their "Junior Church Songs" on the stage in church today.

Thomas wasn't really supposed to be up there, as he's in Crèche not Junior Church, but you can't stop him from going anywhere with Hannah! And it turned out that he was the most enthusiastic singer on the stage, even though he hardly knew the words! He was certainly the bounciest person there, too!

It wasn't so much being a Wise Man, more like a "Clown in a Crown"!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A star is born...

Hannah had her school Christmas play today, in which she was a narrator. Her weeks of practice paid off as she said her line perfectly - not too fast, not too slow, and loud enough for everyone to hear:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella.

She also joined in with some fantastic singing and dancing, and looked like she was having a great time. There were lots of 'secret' waves to Mum and Dad, too!

Hannah will be available to sign autographs after school!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Photo gallery update

We've just finished setting up a new '2006 Collection' of photos on the Hurley Home Gallery. They show some of the fun things that we've been up to in the last year, and many of the great people that we've been meeting up with.

Have fun as you look around, and feel free to add (nice!) comments to the photos!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Have you washed your hands?

It's become almost traditional for us to put a photo on the blog of Hannah and Thomas helping to make the Christmas cake...

We've left things a bit late this year, so it'll be a bit of a race to do the marzipan and icing, but it still tasted great to lick out the bowl!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Like sister, like brother...

Thomas has learnt lots of tricks from his sister (and made up some of his own new ones as well!).

His number one (in more ways than one!) trick at the moment, is an exact copy of what his big sister used to do. Knowing that he gets a sweet every time he goes to toilet on the potty, he's suddenly achieved fantastic bladder control:

  • Sit, drip - sweet!
  • Sit, drip - sweet!
  • Sit, drip - sweet!
  • ...

It would be cheaper to keep him nappies!