Sunday, May 30, 2010

"I don't see what all the fuss is about"

Rebekah didn't seem to share the 'Wonder of Disney' in the same way that everyone else did!


Give her time, though...

To infinity and beyond...

Alongside the Star Wars ride, it was the Buzz Lightyear ride that was another big hit with the boys.


The opportunity to fly through space shooting the Zorgs was too good to miss.


Andy kept shooting the camera-woman, though!


Ready for day 2!

It only seemed like five minutes since we'd been in Disneyland, but we were back on our way there very quickly after we'd woken up!

Bethan was dressed for the part, now.


And the lifts just weren't quick enough for us...


Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's a small world...

...or so they told us, time after time after time after time.

This ride was Bethan's favourite ride in the whole theme park, so we ended up going on it at least once per day, which meant that we were singing the tune in our sleep by the end of the holiday!


We did manage to get a photo of the Welsh ladies, though!


Super Furry Animals

Despite being a top tourist attraction, we found that Disneyland Paris was over-run by wild animals and rodents. Thankfully, most were pretty friendly!


Don't rain on our parade

Uncle Mike, our official Disney tour guide, knew all the best places to be and at what time to make sure that we saw as much as we could possibly see. He took us to a secret spot, right at the end of the parade route, which gave us a great view of the Disney parade.

There were some amazing costumes and sets from all the Disney movies that we know and love!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

We got to the hotel that we were staying in, waited long enough just to dump our bags, and headed straight for Disneyland - we had some serious roller-coasting to do if we were going to get our money's worth!

One of the most popular rides, at least for the boys, was the Star Tours ride. Queuing for the ride was almost as much fun as the ride itself (certainly lasted longer, anyway!), as there were lots of Star Wars characters to see and watch while we waited.


The holiday that we've been planning for over a year began today, as we flew from Cardiff Wales Airport to Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, and headed for our week at Disneyland Paris!

We were going with Andy's sister, Jan, her husband Mike, and the terrible three-some of James, Bethan and Rebekah. Rebekah was the calmest of us all as we met at the airport, but as she's only three months old, she could be forgiven! It was the first time that Hannah, Thomas and Will had been on a plane, but they seemed to take it all in their stride

The flight was perfect, with some beautiful views. Unfortunately, there was chaos at the airport, and we ended up standing in the squashed passenger bus for what seemed like hours while the driver took us around and around the airport trying to find a place to drop us off at the terminal! There was similar fun on the way back, too...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Slugs and snails...

Proof that that is what little boys are made of!


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Having seen how much fun the children were having in the pool yesterday, Daddy decided to join in the fun today, and got into the pool fully clothed! The water got out pretty quickly!




Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paddling pool fun

We've had a run of sunny days recently, so cousins James and Bethan came round to help us make a splash with our paddling pool. Rebekah just watched!


The grass needed a water!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You've missed a bit!

We employed some child labour today to get our car washed...


I don't think we'll be hiring them out for a while!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gingerbread house

Only five months late, we began building the Gingerbread House that we had been given for Christmas. Gingerbread, icing, sweets, sprinkles - sounds like the recipe for a fun afternoon!


And the finished product looked (and tasted) fantastic.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Time on my hands

You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to find and hang a clock in our front room, but this one has taken months of searching, three trips to the shop, and almost a trip to the hospital!

Ruth and Andy had trouble initially agreeing on what kind of clock they wanted, so that took a bit of time. But then, when we finally agreed on a clock, the fun really began.

Clock number one looked great. We leaned it up against the wall in the kitchen to get a better idea of how it looked, and to get ready for hanging it on the wall. Unfortunately, in the 5 minutes that we had it leaning in the kitchen, Will decided that he wanted a better look, and pulled it over, smashing glass and clock innards across the kitchen floor. No one was hurt, but there was a look of unbelief on everybody's faces!

Clock number two must have been one that had been returned to the shop because there was a big lump of CHEWING GUM sat in the box when we opened it! Plus the second hand was bent over as if it had been pushed back into the box. Back to the shop we go...

Most normal people would have given up at this attempt, but we were determined to get this clock, and it was a case of third-time lucky!


We think it was worth the pain!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Fourteen Locks

Today we went for a very picturesque walk along some of the 14 locks in Newport. The biggest highlight was finding a rope swing that everyone could use!


Our baskets aren't hanging!

With a plan to brighten up our garden for the summer, we made a quick trip to the garden centre and then began planting our pots and baskets with all kinds of different plants.


Everyone got involved...


But, of course, Will had to take charge of the watering!