Saturday, May 08, 2010

Time on my hands

You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to find and hang a clock in our front room, but this one has taken months of searching, three trips to the shop, and almost a trip to the hospital!

Ruth and Andy had trouble initially agreeing on what kind of clock they wanted, so that took a bit of time. But then, when we finally agreed on a clock, the fun really began.

Clock number one looked great. We leaned it up against the wall in the kitchen to get a better idea of how it looked, and to get ready for hanging it on the wall. Unfortunately, in the 5 minutes that we had it leaning in the kitchen, Will decided that he wanted a better look, and pulled it over, smashing glass and clock innards across the kitchen floor. No one was hurt, but there was a look of unbelief on everybody's faces!

Clock number two must have been one that had been returned to the shop because there was a big lump of CHEWING GUM sat in the box when we opened it! Plus the second hand was bent over as if it had been pushed back into the box. Back to the shop we go...

Most normal people would have given up at this attempt, but we were determined to get this clock, and it was a case of third-time lucky!


We think it was worth the pain!

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