Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You'd better not put this photo on the web...

Will appears to be in a state of shock that we had the audacity to take this photo of him! It's the fairy wand that sets it off so well!


Little Chef

Thomas is showing a real interest in cooking at the moment. In fact, he enjoys cooking the food more than he enjoys eating it!


But that's OK, because we're more than happy to eat the food for him!

Friday, February 15, 2008


We ended our fantastic Carmarthenshire holiday with a shopping trip to a very cold and wind-swept Tenby.


It might have been chilly, but it didn't stop us from taking a lot of photos of Tenby's famous coloured houses!


You can see more of our holiday photos in our gallery.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deserted beach

We headed back (again!) to Pembrey Country Park later in our holiday, this time to enjoy the beach. Thomas was adamant that he was going to the beach to go swimming, but he soon changed his mind when we got there and he realised just exactly how cold it was!


We didn't spend too long sitting around building sand castles, but we enjoyed having almost the whole beach all to ourselves!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy!

It was Ruth's birthday while we were sunning it in Carmarthen. She took the opportunity to do a bit more of her jigsaw puzzle...


We also invited the family to make the short trip along the M4 to come and celebrate with us, and we all headed back to Pembrey Country Park for the day.


And then, it was back to the cottage for a birthday feast! We love holidays!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Bathtime scramble

The only problem with staying in a cottage which only has showers installed, is that bathing a baby can be quite tricky! Will quickly adapted to the Sainsbury's box, even though there wasn't room in there for his rubber ducky!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Summer time?

It's not often that you get to sit out in a park and eat ice-creams in the UK in the middle of February, but that's just what we did when we went to visit Pembrey Country Park. We really recommend the place if you find yourself in West Wales anytime - the children loved playing in the two massive adventure playgrounds. We're not sure who the extra in the photo is, though - but he looks like one of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings!


This photo will probably cause social services to take our children away, but I can guarantee that the railway line which they're walking along eating their ice-creams was abandoned!


We also had a chance to explore the woods, but we didn't find any bears!


And Will enjoyed all of the excitement from the comfort of his pushchair, and Mum & Dad's arms.



It's always great fun exploring the place where you're staying when you're on holiday - and this cottage was no exception.


Hannah's binoculars helped to track down this feathered friend. Thankfully, he wasn't too vocal in the mornings!


Meanwhile, Mummy was taking it easy with a jigsaw puzzle. For some reason, she never seems to find the time to do these when she's home...


Winter sun

We headed West to Carmarthen this week for a break, and we hit the jackpot regarding the weather! The sun shone the whole time we were there - it felt like summer!

We stayed at this beautiful barn-conversion, which had all the bedrooms on the ground floor, and the kitchen and living room area upstairs.


On telling Thomas that the cottage was 'upside down' he appeared quite disappointed when we arrived that it wasn't balanced on it's roof!

Here's a panoramic snap of the fantastic views from the cottage.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Nanny!

When you get as old as Nanny, you need as much help blowing out the candles as you can get!


The party was lots of fun, but Thomas is looking a bit worried sitting next to James 'Cool Jedi-Dude' Thomas and his lightsabre...