Thursday, April 28, 2005

First Steps

In a desperate attempt to be up and walking before he turns one, Thomas is beginning to find his feet and walk between his Mummy and Daddy. The last step is usually just a dive and a manic attempt by one of his parents to catch him before he hits the floor, but he certainly gets full marks for trying! He's shown no sign of wanting to crawl or bum-shuffle, so I guess his determination to walk is because he's sick of being stuck where we leave him - he'll be chasing Hannah and the cats around the house in no time!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Birthday Party

Following on from the family party on her birthday, Hannah had her little buddies around this morning for another party, complete with jelly and ice-cream! Daisy, Lois and Daniel all came along to help Hannah celebrate - and Hannah certainly enjoyed herself. They were all newcomers to the rules of Pass-The-Parcel, but they all knew how to rip the wrapping paper off when the music stopped! There were no serious riots, and no serious damage to the house, so the party must have been a success! And the jelly and ice-cream tasted delicious!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Hannah

It was Hannah's 3rd birthday today, and she's had a really busy day!

This morning, she was at the "King Pirate and the Biscuit Boys" holiday club at our church - looking very trendy in her Hawaiian shirt! Then, this afternoon she was in nursery, so she was flaked out when she got home for her party!

We managed to struggle her into bed for a sleep before the party started, so she woke up a bit once the party got into full swing. She's had some lovely presents - gardening equipment, marble runs, sticker books, a swing to come! Being three is a good age for fun presents!

Hannah opening cards

Thomas wishing it was his birthday

Cousin James licking his lips at the thought of more birthday cake