Sunday, July 04, 2004

Baby Snap

Don't worry, this blog entry is nothing to do with accidentally dropping children, but more to do with how much Thomas looks like his cousin James (which is the name of Janet and Mike's new baby). We went around to Nanny and Grumpy's house for dinner today (which is our usual Sunday feeding post!) and Janet and Mike took James along for his first ever roast dinner. It was all a bit of a squeeze with the one big family there, so Nanny and Grumpy are going to have to get working on building an extension now. Anyway, Thomas and James (whose names I keep mixing up, much to the despair of everyone else) both spent most of the time asleep and looking cute, and you can certainly see some similarities between the two. The photo below is of Thomas in Grumpy's arms and James in Auntie Ruth's arms. Aaahhh! Thomas, James, Grumpy & Ruth

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