Monday, November 22, 2004

A bit showery

Despite having written as long ago as July 19th that Hannah had started using her potty, there has been very little potty progress until the last few days. We decided to go all out with a major potty drive this weekend to see if we could slow down the speed with which the Cardiff land fill is overflowing with our families' nappies. Chocolate was the bribery tactic that we decided to use, but Hannah soon cottoned on to the fact that it was easy money. Sit on the potty, one drip = chocolate! Sit on the potty, another drip = chocolate! Once we realised that we were spending more money on chocolates than we had ever done on nappies, we decided to qualify our generosity with the rule of 'big wees only'! Hannah's doing pretty well now. If you do come and visit us in the next few weeks, then it may be an idea to keep your shoes on, but it looks like we're almost there...

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