Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

Thomas has finally done a full lap of a year, and reached his 1st birthday - and it only took him 12 months to do it!

And the good news is that he did manage to get walking before he hit one. It seems like he put in a huge concerted effort to do it before his birthday, as he has come on in leaps and bounds (or maybe trips and stumbles!) in just the last couple of weeks.

We think that Hannah had a major part to play in his walking, as they've recently been practising doing laps of the house with Hannah sat on her push-along car with Thomas holding on behind and doing the pushing. It's hilarious to watch, especially when Hannah lifts her legs up in the air and leaves Thomas to struggle to do all the work himself!

Thomas picking Smarties off his cake
Hannah and Thomas giving Michael Schumacher a run for his money
Cousin James counting the days until his birthday
Cousin Chloe taking a leap into the air off the slide
Cousin Anya enjoying a slice of water melon

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