Saturday, February 18, 2006

We're all going on a Winter holiday...

We've had a great time this week, staying in the Norfolk holiday cottage that we rented, even though the weather hasn't been brilliant.

As well as partying for Mum's birthday, we've been to a Play Barn, Sea-Life Centre, and on lots of muddy walks!

Here is a photo of Fairy Hannah practising her magic dance!

And here, Farmer Hannah and Farmer Thomas are having races around the cottage garden in their tractors.

Driving seemed to be a theme for our holiday... I'm glad it's at least another 13 years before Hannah can apply for a driving licence!

On one of our muddy walks, Thomas seems to be sinking slowly into the mud! Luckily he manages to keep his footing...

Unfortunately, Cousin Anya wasn't so lucky, and this photo shows the after effects of her sit down in the biggest, muddiest, stickiest, wettest puddle that we came across on our walk. She knows how to choose them!

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