Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snowdrops keep falling on my head...

We woke up to a heap of snow this morning. It didn't half confuse our cherry blossom tree, which only just recently started flowering!

We wasted no time in getting outside and trying to build a bigger snowman than our next door neighbours. They've won everytime up until now, so we had to plan big! But, Thomas was determined that he wasn't going anywhere until he was fully insulated!

The snowman turned out to be a whopper. Daddy almost broke his back trying to lift the head on!

But, did we win? Well, our snowman was bigger than any next door, but they were just showing off and made two giant snowmen! We'll win next time!
Our snowman died a graceful death as the weather warmed up again (much to the cherry blossom tree's delight!) - although it does look like Mr Snowman has been stabbed to death by a flower!

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