Friday, July 14, 2006

All aboard Noah's Ark

It was Hannah's nursery school trip today, so Hannah and Mummy took a coach trip to the fantastic Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Daddy and Thomas were feeling left out, so we stowed-away in the luggage compartment, so that we could go too! (OK, we followed the coach in the car!)

We all had a great time, and if you're looking for a day out near Bristol then we'd recommend a visit. We're definitely not a family of farmers or vets, though - Thomas got scared by a sheep, while Hannah was more interested in having a picnic than seeing any of the animals!

It wasn't just 'normal' farm animals that we met, though - these were a couple of the biggest animals.


And these were the greediest - these three goats gobbled up the whole bag of feed that Hannah had bought, and looked like they wanted to eat her fingers, too!


Thomas and Daddy loved going down this slide. Every time they got to the bottom, one of them would shout "Again, Again", and it wasn't always Thomas!


And finally, a photo of Mummy and Hannah chilling out at the end of a very hot, very enjoyable day.

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