Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day at school

It was Hannah's first day at school today, and it was very exciting for everyone! Hannah certainly looks all grown up in her new school uniform, but she needs to pull her socks up!

Hannah had been looking forward to starting 'big school' all summer holidays, but then on Saturday night we had floods of tears. When we asked Hannah what was wrong, she explained that she was sad because she wanted to be able to do 'backward rolls' before she went to school, and she still couldn't do them!

Cue a lot of 'backward roll' practice on the bed for the rest of Saturday evening! Hannah managed to do them on her own in the end, so she finally felt that she was ready for the big step into school! We didn't tell her that Mummy and Daddy can't do backward rolls!

All of the worry was forgotten on the big day, though, as Hannah couldn't wait to go in through the big doors into the wonderful world of school life!

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