Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just when you thought you'd escaped...

After managing to escape the hospital yesterday, minus an appendix and a Meckel's diverticulum, it came as a nasty shock to me to find that my scary-looking wound had sprung a leak, and one of the staples wasn't holding.

A quick call-out to the local doctor, arranged a rare home visit, and I was really hoping that he might have some sellotape or blu-tack in his bag that would plug the leak and leave me alone. Fat chance! He took one look, and sent me packing back to hospital. Aaaarrrggghhh!

I had to go through the admittance rigmarole again, but thankfully it didn't take so long this time, so about 20 hours after leaving the hospital, I found myself back on the same ward, in the same room and even in the same bed! Apparently, they're thinking of renaming it the Andy Hurley Ward!

It turned out that I now had an infection in the wound, so I had to go through a number of tests and ultrasound scans to try to determine the extent of the infection, and whether I needed to be opened up again to clear out the infection. The ultrasound showed that there were no 'deep collections' which was, apparently, good news, but the results didn't get back in time to prevent me from having to spend another night in hospital. Still, it was a free breakfast!

The next morning the decision was made to send me on my way with a bundle of antibiotics, but there was one more piece of torture to have to go through... the staple in my wound that was leaking had to be removed, to allow the infection to drain. The only problem was that the staple had not attached neatly, and was bent out of shape and stuck in a (rather attractive, if I say so myself) mole that I have on my belly! 20 minutes, 3 nurses, lots of swearing (by the nurses!) and lots of 'Ows' (by me!) and finally the pesky thing was removed, and I was free to go home. Having the staple removed hurt more than the operation itself! And I still had 15 left in me, to be removed at a later date. That's a doctor's appointment to look forward to...

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