Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rain stops play

The rain kept falling and falling and falling for Will's birthday today, which meant that we all had to cram into our tent to stay dry. The only time that we ventured outside was to go out for a birthday meal of fish & chips in Port Eynon - and we were absolutely soaked just getting from the car to the chippie!

When we got back from our meal, we realised that our poor tent was soaking - the rain was coming in through the roof, up through the ground-sheet, and sideways through the walls! And, as we wished goodbye to our party guests, we began to realise that just down the M4 was a nice, warm, dry house, with warm, cosy beds, just waiting to be used, while we were heading for a damp, sleepless night here in Gower.

So, we made the executive decision of chucking everything into the car, pulling down the tent and throwing it straight into the skip at the campsite (it was time to get a new tent!), and driving straight home two days early.

It was sad to cut the holiday short, but we were sure we'd made the right decision when we got into our comfy beds that night!

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