Monday, May 05, 2014

Fforest Fawr

I think there has been a post about this place before, but on bank holiday Monday we visited Fforest Fawr (which is "big forest" in Welsh - I do pay attention in class!) to get out of the way of our cleaner. It was a long and tiring walk, but I think we all enjoyed it. Although perhaps not as much as we enjoyed the drinks when we got back to the car!

But you should have seen Will's face when he realised that we weren't actually going into Castle Coch!
Will: "But you can do colouring!"
Oh, I can't believe I missed out on the colouring!


Granny said...

Well done Hannah, especially at giving Cathy some peace! Hope you found something good for Will to colour when he got home.

Tim said...

It looks lovely... you'll have to take us there when we come to stay in August. Not long now! Can't wait...

Unknown said...

Lol I love colouring too. So did Will end up colouring something?

It was a good blog well done HRHurley.