Friday, June 04, 2004

It's all too quiet...

Ruth and 'The boy with no name' did come home from hospital as we hoped yesterday. The house, which had been looking like a building site, suddenly instead resembled a Pampers advert, with nappies, cotton wool and wet wipes everywhere that there was an empty piece of floor. All that Teeny seems to want to do at the moment is sleep and drink, which is fine with us. The only problem was that last night he didn't want to sleep anywhere except on his Daddy's lap (even though he had an incredibly comfortable looking, and inviting, Moses basket just sitting there waiting to be used). Daddy spent most of the night watching MTV and UK Gold, so he's wandering around in a daze today, but Teeny slept pretty much right through from 2 o'clock to 7:30, so if he can learn to do that in his Moses basket he'll get an instant rise in his pocket money! He's fast asleep right now as I type, and still looking handsome. The builders are back with us today, finishing off the driveway and stairs, so if he can sleep through that noise then it wasn't surprising that he slept through MTV.

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