Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's a baby boy!

The important stuff: male, 6lb 8oz, born at 6:45am. The crazy stuff:

  • Ruthie started getting painful contractions at about 4:00am, which is an obscene time of the day to be woken up. Maybe about 7 minutes apart.
  • We made a phone call to the hospital, and they said exactly what we were expecting them to say - "Go and have a warm bath, and phone us back if they get more regular".
  • Ruth made an executive decision and decided that this time the baby wasn't kidding, so we had the fun of waking Ruth's parents by telephoning them to ask them to come around and babysit Hannah while we went to the hospital. Unfortunately, we phoned their old telephone number first, and it rang three times before we realised, so our apologies to whoever it was in Witney who got woken up at 4:30 this morning!
  • At about 6 o'clock, Ruth's parents were at our house, looking bleary eyed. We were heading for the car, also looking bleary eyed (but with a wild glint!). Contractions were about every 2-3 minutes.
  • We got to the hospital at 6:23. The baby arrived at 6:45. This baby was not going to hang around for anyone. We're so glad that it wasn't rush hour, or we may have needed to have the car valeted tomorrow...
  • There was a problem with the afterbirth not wanting to go anywhere, which meant that the doctors had to do a bit of extra work on Ruth, but it all went smoothly and mother and baby are doing really well, and hoping to come out of hospital tomorrow. Our huge thanks go to the staff and midwives at UWCM for their great work - we can't fault them!
  • The baby still doesn't have a name, so any suggestions gratefully received! We know it's definitely a boy, because the first nappy change that he had also involved a mini fountain all over Ruth's hospital bed.
This one is going to be trouble...


The Bodgers said...

Huge Congratulations Andy and Ruth, glad to see someone else is working on increasing the male population of Thornhill!

Tim said...

Wayhay! My first nephew. Fantastic.

Hope you're all getting on OK. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few week's time.

Thought of a name yet?

Martyn & Helen Bull said...

Congrats! Terrific news! Hope you soon get used to waking up @ 4am and realising that it's a wonderful pleasure and privilege, and just the opportunity you need to bond with your son (with a different wild glint in your eyes!). Just think; it's only a matter of 18 short years or so before you'll be lieing awake until that very same hour (with yet another wild glint in your eyes) waiting for him to come in from a night terrorising the locals.
As for name suggestions; as you had to wake at 4am for his arrival, maybe he should be Get-me-up-early Hurley; if he was premature, he could be just Early Hurley (or maybe Nice-'n Hurley); he's not overweight, so he cant be Burly Hurley; he doesnt appear to have masses of twisted locks of hair, so he cant be Curley Hurley (and you might want avoid Mike Hurley because it just wont be cool as a 14 year old. He's a boy so he really shouldnt be Shirley Hurley, and definitely shouldnt be Girlie Hurley. So how about Fred?
Finally, if there's anything we can do, just call. Unless you want someone to change nappies of course.