Thursday, August 10, 2006

All aboard!

We've been carrying on the day-trip extravaganza that's been our summer holiday this year, with trips to parks, beaches and woods this week. Today we headed to the Forest of Dean to visit the Perrygrove Railway. We'd had lots of good recommendations for this place, and it lived up to it's promise. Hannah and Thomas loved riding on the train, and the treasure hunt that we went on was great fun!

It was lunch time when we first got there, so it didn't take long before we were digging into our sandwiches!

Hannah wanted to be the 'leader' while we were following the treasure hunt clues. She did a great job in finding all of the places where the clues were hidden. Here's a picture of her and Thomas heading through the woods, sniffing out the next clue.

Hannah and Thomas thought the train rides were cool, and both were making excited squeals as we went along - very embarrassing! Hannah even got to wave the green flag to start the train ride! Thomas preferred his Thomas the Tank Engine flag, though.

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