Friday, August 24, 2007

...and the winner is...

Will Samuel Hurley!

Finally, that's the name that we've decided will suit 'Baby Boy Hurley' down to the ground. The Will is short for William, which will be on his birth certificate, but the only time we'll call him by his full name is when he's being told off!

Apparently, the name William means 'Will - desire' and 'Helmet - protection'. We think that he probably 'desires protection' from his big brother and sister! They love him to pieces (at the moment!) but Will is definitely getting more attention and cuddles and hugs from them than he probably wants!

Thomas isn't too keen on the name Will, though. He still calls the baby Mike, and tells us off when we call him Will! I guess the name Mike is going to be a brotherly thing that goes on between them - at least it's a polite name that's being called!

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