Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rocket Man

The countdown may have taken longer than planned, but when the timer hit zero... boy - did that baby fly!

We now have a brand new addition to the Hurley Home, in the gorgeous shape of 'Baby Boy Hurley', born 19th August 2007, at 6:45am, weighing in at 8lb 6.5oz.

We're not sure whether it was the ten-pin bowling or watching '24' that did it, but whatever the reason, Ruth was kept awake during the night by a lot of baby movement. Then, at about 4:45am a big, painful, contraction was enough to make things look like it was all systems go. Andy slowly came-to at about 5 o'clock, and the race was on to ring grandparents to come and babysit, to ring hospitals to let them know that we were on our way, and for Andy to eat breakfast before heading out of the door!

We reached the hospital at 6:05, and were considering whether or not to have a water birth. The midwife checked Ruth over and found that the baby was about to arrive any minute, and there simply wasn't time to fill the birthing pool before the baby would be born!

This turned out to be the case, as a handful of contractions later, and Ruth was ready to push! The baby did manage to get the umbilical cord lassoed around it's neck at one stage, but thankfully the midwife was on the case and did the necessary Houdini magic. And then - vrrooommm! Onto the scene arrives Baby Hurley, making it all look very easy from a baby point of view!

Ruth had some problems with blood loss after the event, but recovered quickly enough to be allowed home this evening. The baby is looking (and sounding!) very healthy, and seems to be a very contented little thing at the moment.

The baby is still without a name, so any suggestions will be gratefully received. He's been enjoying meeting the rest of the Hurley House, and looks like he will fit in very well - he's already been getting his fair-share of prods, pokes and sloppy kisses!

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Neil's test blog said...

Congratulations to you both! What a beautiful baby! Looking forward to finding out his name... I'd heard Horatio was suggested? Enjoy your new addition and the fun of another life in the Hurley mix.