Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking out for a hero

There's still no definite sightings of a name for "Baby Boy" Hurley. Hannah has decided that he has to have one before he's five, otherwise it'll cause havoc with the school register!

We've had a few suggestions from people, though:

  • Thomas thinks the baby should be called Mike (he's a big fan of Uncle Mike!);
  • Neil has suggested Horatio - thanks, but no thanks;
  • Sarah-Jane recommends the name Sarah-Jane - she says that it's served her well;
  • Martyn suggests "Elijah" because he seems very fast!

Thanks for all the suggestions, but we'll keep looking...

One name that keeps coming back to us over and over again is because we've been watching Heroes on TV at the moment. We think that Baby Boy Hurley is a splitting image of Hiro from the TV programme! Look at what we mean:

The face that baby makes when he has a poo makes it look like he's trying to stop time! Hiro Hurley anyone?

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