Sunday, August 05, 2007

Any minute now...

If you're reading this blog because you know us (and if not, then you must have a really boring life!), then it probably won't come as any surprise for you to know that we're expecting a new baby to make our lives interesting sometime soon.

In fact, the baby (sex currently unknown!) is due a week today, but since Hannah and Thomas were both 8 days early, Ruth is now officially the most pregnant that she's ever been!

We're both very keen for the baby to arrive this weekend. Ruth is keen because she's been pregnant for 39 weeks, and she's had enough now! Andy is keen because he left work on Friday with everything in a state where he could be away for two weeks paternity leave without it causing too many hassles - plus the weather is finally looking good at last!

Anyway, regardless of the reasons, we're trying everything we can think of to encourage the baby to make an appearance tonight or tomorrow morning. Hot curries, driving over speed bumps, bouncing on Mike and Jan's trampoline (joke!). The idea of this blog entry was that perhaps the baby was refusing to arrive until it had had a big build-up on the blog...

So, here's a photo of the baby from way back in February. It's a lot bigger now (so Ruth tells me!), and we're looking forward to meeting it!

The current news on the 'incoming status' is that Ruth is having quite a few contractions each hour, but they're not very regular or painful at the moment. Watch this space!

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