Monday, August 27, 2007

Will's big day out

Having reached the dizzy heights of eight-days-old, Will took his first ever day trip today to the Heath Park Model Railway.

It was a big family day out, with Uncle Tim, Auntie Abby, Chloe, Anya, Grandma and Grandad all along for the ride. Here's an 'on-train' view of our first ride:

Hannah enjoyed catching up with Chloe, and sharing details on missing teeth.

While Thomas took the opportunity to spend some quality time with his cousin Anya.

And what did Will make of it all? He pretty much spent the whole outing asleep!


Will Hurley hater said...

the day he was born was the day my grandmother committed suicide. Thanks for this mate. Proper happy about your kid!

Will Hurley hater said...

jk. It was my mum