Tuesday, August 14, 2007

...still waiting...

Despite being sure that this one was going to come early, we're now two days past the due date and there's still no sign of any imminent arrival!

It was a good thing that it didn't arrive last week in the end, as Ruth came down with a sickness bug and was pretty wasted for a few days - not much fun when you're 39-and-a-half weeks pregnant! We then took the opportunity on Saturday, as still nothing was happening, to do another last tidy up of the house - Andy painted the shed and the fence, while Ruth went nuts with the vacuum cleaner.

Ruth's been trying all sorts to get this baby going - eating pineapple, bouncing on Hannah's space-hopper, going for long walks, but the baby's going nowhere! As Mark in work said this week - perhaps Ruth should have been the one painting the fence as that might have started things off!

Any year now....

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