Saturday, August 18, 2007

World record attempt

It seems like our latest 'incoming' is going for a world record attempt at holding it's breath underwater. There's still absolutely no news, and no sign of news, despite now being 6 days past the due-date.

Ruth is still having reasonably regular contractions during the day and while she's moving around, but as soon as she goes to bed it's like the baby decides that actually it's pretty comfy in there after all, and everything stops again!

Rather than mope around the house waiting, though, we headed out for a quick round of ten-pin bowling! It was the first time that Thomas had ever played, and he got a very respectable 93, with Hannah coming third. Daddy was the winner of course! Ruth claimed that her last place was due to the fact that she was 1 day short of 41 weeks pregnant, but we're not sure how much stock to place on that. It was a strange sight to see someone, clearly expecting a baby imminently, chucking a bowling ball down the lane!

In fact, the manager nearly didn't let us leave, because it looked like Ruth was stealing one of their bowling balls under her t-shirt!

We also went to the hospital this afternoon for a check-up, to make sure that everything was still going well under the covers. The baby seems happy enough in there, according to it's stats - maybe the problem is that it's too happy!

Anyway, we're still waiting. We watched the first two episodes of series 3 of the TV show '24' this evening, so hopefully the excitement of that will start the (bowling) ball rolling.

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